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Sustainable Seafood: How Ideal Fish is Leading the Way in Fish Farming Innovation

Ideal Fish is our partner. This fish farming company based in Waterbury Connecticut, is revolutionizing the seafood industry by using innovative technology to farm fish sustainably. Founded by Eric Pedersen, a Princeton alumni, the company is on a mission to provide fresh, delicious and sustainable seafood to the American market.

One of the biggest benefits of farmed fish is sustainability. As the demand for seafood grows, wild fish populations are dwindling. In fact, according to the United Nations, over 90% of the world’s fish stocks are either overfished or fully fished. This puts immense pressure on the marine ecosystem and threatens the future of seafood production. Farmed fish is a sustainable alternative, as it can be produced in a controlled environment that minimizes the impact on the ecosystem.

Ideal Fish uses an innovative technology called RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) to farm fish in a sustainable way. The RAS system allows the company to create an environment that closely mimics the fish’s natural habitat, with optimal water quality and temperature. The system also allows for efficient use of resources, such as water and feed, and minimal waste production. In fact, according to Eric Pedersen, the RAS technology allows for a 95% reduction in water use and a 99% reduction in waste production compared to traditional fish farming methods.

One of the main fish species that Ideal Fish farms is branzino, a popular Mediterranean fish. Branzino has traditionally been imported from Europe, but Ideal Fish’s innovative technology is making it possible to farm this delicious fish in Connecticut. The New York Times reported in 2018 that Ideal Fish’s branzino has been widely praised for its taste and texture, and has even been served at some of New York’s top restaurants.

Ideal Fish’s sustainable approach to fish farming has also earned them a spot as a finalist in the Fish 2.0 competition, a global competition for sustainable seafood businesses. Eric Pedersen and his team are passionate about their mission to provide sustainable seafood to American consumers, and their dedication to innovation and technology is setting a new standard for the industry.


Ideal Fish is a company that is leading the way. By using innovative technology such as RAS, the company is able to farm fish in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment and produces fresh, delicious seafood for American consumers. With the demand for seafood on the rise and wild fish populations under threat, companies like Ideal Fish are providing a sustainable alternative that can help to preserve the future of seafood production.

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