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Holiday Edition: Blue Cove & California Caviar Masters

Blue Cove Preserves is partnering with California Caviar Masters for a delightful holiday gift set. Founder Stephanie Fels (Blue Cove Preserves) is following the footsteps of Deborah Keane (California Caviar Masters) as a female taste maker in the seafood industry. “Deborah is an innovator in the caviar industry and I’m thrilled to collaborate with her. We connected on many levels and realized that there was a natural synergy between us.”

For this special edition, Blue Cove’s tinned branzino has been paired with two flavors of California Caviar Masters’ premium line of caviar and roe. This holiday gift box will come in several options of pairings: 

  • Blue Cove tinned branzino paired with Classic White Sturgeon Caviar. This caviar is craved for its addicting creamy "sea butter" characteristics, it pairs wonderfully with either recipe of Blue Cove’s tinned branzino.
  • Blue Cove tinned branzino paired with Sake Infused Trout Roe. The delicate floral and fruitiness of the sake adds an extra layer of flavor, and while it marries well with all Blue Cove products, we find that it pairs particularly well with the Branzino with Olives.

This gift box makes for a perfect holiday celebration with friends and family.

About California Caviar Masters:

A pioneer of the sustainable caviar movement, founder Deborah Keane launched the first caviar company to only sell sustainably farmed award-winning caviar back in 2007. California Caviar Masters’ uncompromising reputation and brand integrity earned the trust of Michelin and top chefs including Jacques Pépin, Dominique Crenn and Cat Cora. 

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