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Tinned branzino + Classic White Sturgeon

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Blue Cove tinned branzino: One of each recipe. Fillets of Branzino canned with carefully prepared ingredients: Recipe 1: Sliced castelvetrano olives • kalamata olives, toasted and smoky • olive oil • herbs • salt. Recipe 2: Olive oil • spanish piquillo peppers, roasted • olive oil • herbs • Salt.

California Caviar Masters White Sturgeon Caviar: This caviar is craved for its addicting creamy "sea butter" characteristics, it pairs wonderfully with either recipe of Blue Cove’s tinned branzino.

This gift box includes a premium magnetic-closure box, a wooden plate and gold serving spoon. Item weight: 1.5 lbs.

  • "I love creating tapas boards with these, the branzino fillets is soft like butter. Amazing texture!"

    Sophia S.

  • "This is a classic pantry item in my home, I can pull it out for a last minute snack or meal and trust that I'm getting great nutritional benefits."

    John B.

  • "I love this on squid-ink pasta, or I'll elevate my niçoise salad with branzino instead of tuna - delicious!!"

    Emilie T.

  • "I just eat the canned branzino on a piece of artisanal bread, nothing else needed"

    Theo P.